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Addiction treatment therapy is a broad term for a number of programs that can help a person overcome addiction. These treatment programs in Waco can include counseling, group therapies, or programs to help a person learn how to better deal with stress, such as restorative yoga or equine therapy. Addiction treatment therapies are based on a number of therapy models that have been proven to treat addiction. Examples of these therapy approaches include:

  • Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy: Perhaps one of the most popular therapy types for addiction, cognitive/behavioral therapies focus on helping a person identify addictive behaviors and lines of thinking. The behavioral aspect focuses on how a person can make changes in their actions to reduce the likelihood they will relapse. Also helpful for monitoring a dual diagnosis in Waco, some mental disorders can be reasoned with through this type of treatment.
  • Motivational Interviewing: When a person struggles with addiction, they often have difficulty finding the motivation to become sober. Motivational interviewing is a method to helping a person find their individual reasons as to why they want to become and/or stay sober. A therapist will ask guided questions, and a person's answers can help direct them toward their own personal motivations.
  • Motivational Incentives: Offering motivational incentives have been proven to help a person overcome their addictions. These incentives may be something such as food vouchers or extra calls with family to motivate a person to stop using drugs or exhibit positive behaviors, such as participation in meetings or one month's worth of clean drug tests. These motivations can be encouraging to a person hoping to see the results and benefits of quitting abusing drugs.

These approaches are incorporated into a variety of treatment programs in Waco.

Types of Treatment Programs for Addiction

A variety of treatment programs for addiction are available. Sometimes, a person may try several programs at a time. The benefit to having several options is that if they don't respond well to one program, they can opt to participate in another. Examples of these programs include attending group meetings, participating in family therapy, or engaging in programs that promote spirituality. Examples of other treatment programs in Waco that have been proven to treat addiction include.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is offered in nearly 40 percent of drug treatment programs in the United States, according to an article published in the "Journal of Addiction Nursing." Examples of art therapy approaches include drawing to symbolize emotions and anxiety, creating sculptures, or viewing and discussing art. The article found that art therapy helps to encourage communication and reduce feelings of shame. Where a person may not feel they are able to express their feelings about their drug abuse verbally, they may be able to let their emotions out via their art. Sometimes a drug treatment program will incorporate both art and music therapy as a means to complement motivational interviewing and motivational incentive techniques.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery stands for "Self-Management and Recovery Training." This program is an alternative option to traditional 12-step programs. Instead, the SMART Recovery training program has four main points: 1. Building and maintaining motivation, 2. Coping with urges, 3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and 4. Living a balanced life. While 12-step programs have a basis of a person admitting they are powerless over their addiction, the SMART Recovery program is about teaching a person empowerment and self-reliance. It uses aspects of motivational interviewing to help a person direct changes in their lives.

12-Step Programs

12-step programs are a treatment for drug addiction that involves working through the "12 steps." Examples of these programs include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. There are a number of 12-step programs available in Waco and beyond. People can also participate in online 12-step programs. Examples of the 12 steps include "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol -- that our lives had become unmanageable" and "We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him."

Many 12-step programs are faith-based, which can be an advantage to those looking to find a spiritually based addiction treatment program. As an added benefit, participants in 12-step programs also have "sponsors" or mentors in sobriety that can encourage a person and help them stay on the right track in relapse prevention in Waco.

Whatever the treatment for drug addiction, choosing a program can sometimes take trial and error in terms of effort. However, these programs are all based on research concerning addiction and approaches that have helped a person become clean and sober for a number of years. Call Waco Alcohol Rehab Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

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